Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summertime Art and Life

I hope that your summer is filled with sunshine and rain and all the things that you enjoy. I am so pleased to present you with my new body of work featuring acrylic, India ink and some mixed media. "Joyful We Adore You" (top left)and
"Chandelier" (below) are just two, more are here
You may notice a gradual inclusion of more photography to my shops signed with my maiden name Neilson in honor of my father who passed away June 12, 2009. He is dearly missed and especially so as the family comes together to celebrate the wedding of my daughter in just a few weeks.
In The Movies My artwork is in the film
the "Roommate". The movie is a Screen Gems production being shot at Sony Pictures Studios. It's starring Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl, Minka Kelly from FridayNight Lights, and Cam Gigandet from Twilight. It is about two girls who move in together and one (Leighton's character) becomes obsessed with the other(Minka's character).It's a fun little thriller. My art is in the character Irene's apartment, which is where the final dramatic fight occurs.
Landfillart project "Scene from the Road" is my work on a metal canvas

The Sketchbook Project: This is presently in the works in my studio. A project from the Art House in Atlanta GA, which is very interesting, they send the sketchbook I fill it up and it is placed among thousands in a traveling library exhibit. Check out the site, if anything to have fun flipping the pages.
The exhibition at Art House Gallery will be held on December 11 th, 2009.

I am delighted to have had several features on blogs here are two that I would like to share

Pedrero interviewed by Annette Schwindt of Germany

Bill Weaver of The ArtistsCenter gave me an Artsy Fartsy Biz Award. He followed the honor with an interview on the Artists Center which is in several parts.
Robin Pedrero on motivation, inspiration and influence
Robin Pedrero on vision and growth
Interview with Robin Pedrero-on marketing
Featured Artist
Galleria Tonantzin San Juan Bautista, CA
Juxtapose Gallery, New Jersey
Celebrations Gallery, Connecticut
Wolfe Gallery, DeLand FL
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